Reccomend a PSU for the build

Case- Standard uATX case (its my 3 yr old hp pc case)


HARD DISK - 1 TB Seagate Internal

GRAPHICS - XFX ati Radeon HD 6850 Standard Edition

PROCESSOR - Intel Core i5 2500k 3.30 GHz

RAM- 1x Kingston DDR3 4 GB RAM(hyperx)

optical drive- 1x dvd+rw drive

no overclocking nessesary...

preferably like to keep it below $120
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  1. Why do you have a K-series CPU if you're not overclocking? Waste of money...

    Well, anyhow. Any quality 400W+ PSU will do it for you.

    edit: or rather any ca. 400W PSU. F.ex. the 380W earthwatts one.
  2. You could probably get away with a quality 450W-500W PSU.
  3. That PSU is overkill. A single HD6850 does not use a lot of power. Any of the 80+ bronze Antec Earthwatts PSUs can run your system, even the 380W model (but I think there's a good price on the 430W right now). Use some of the remaining money in your budget to add another RAM stick so you can run in dual-channel mode.

    Edit: Make sure it is an IDENTICAL RAM stick.
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