Will this card be okay with this system PLEASE HELP)

As the title states, i got the following card and want to know if it will work with this sytem. The system is a p6700z series dektop from hp with an existing card called AMD Radeon HD 6450. As for windows and power supply, i already know it will be okay.
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  1. Well for starters, it looks like the system can be put together with quite a few variations so what exactly are the specs?

    But yeah the 6450 is a very low end, low power card and should work fine.
  2. If you mean the specs for the computer, they are as follows

    500gb hard drive
    3g memory
    Windows 7 64-bit

    As the for the card, it has the following specs:

    directx 11
    *that is really all i can give*

    When i ask will it be okay, i mean will it fit into the computer, such as slots. I ask because it has the double stack feature of having slots on top and i don't know if that is a problem during installation.
  3. I don't understand "double stack feature of having slots on top"??

    The card is a small, single slot card. As long as you have a PCIe 16 lane available then it should be no problem.
  4. When i say it has slots on top, i mean there are several rectangular holes that sit above the main slots

    if you need a picture, here is one


    Sorry for the bad wording, i am not good when being descriptive in words, better at visuals
  5. Ah, well so it's a double slot card then? But all 6450s are single slot... so you must have a different card. Which is it?

    Well anyway it's easy enough to tell just go look inside your case. If 2 slots are available then it will fit just fine.

    I'm curious, it seems you already have the PC and the card... why not just open the case up and try it out?
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