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I heard some where that coolermaster cases on except cooler master fans... any truth to that?

im looking at the COOLER MASTER Storm Enforcer and i want to place a fan on top for exhaust.
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  1. Could u please elaborate ur question? Truly.. I didnt undestand it..
  2. Does certain CM cases only accept CM fans, like the screw holes are not standard and will only match up if you use their fans on their cases.
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    I think a translation is:
    "I heard that Coolermaster cases only accept coolermaster fans"
    Lies mate, falsehoods, mistruths and outright blaggardship,
    as long as the fan is the relevant size, 140/220mm etc, it will be possible to mount it in the case
  4. Motopsychojdn is absolutely right
  5. lol thanks, because i really didn't want to place a led fan on top.
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  7. No probs man, happy modding :)
    and pics in members gallery when your finished :)
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