Difference between i3 core processor & duel core processor

does the i3 core processor help for faster speed in internet in comparison with duel core processor ?
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  1. No, you wouldnt notice any difference when browsing ,word editing ,listening to music ,on an i3 2nd gen and a c2d/c2q,but when it comes to cpu intensive tasks like heavy photoshop and gaming you will definately notice difference of speed.
  2. I3 is a dual core CPU but is superior to many older dual cores like seen here http://www.anandtech.com/bench/Product/289?vs=70
    The performance difference is of course based on which I3 we are comparing to which dual core!
  3. The latest Pentium Dual Core processors are based off the Latest Core architecture, but are shy on Cache (not important unless you run CPU intensive programs), lack Hyper-Threading (I have no clue as to weather this helps, never used it), and do not over-clock themselves. The i3 will always be faster
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