I cant for the life of me find the part number Rampage IV Extreme

So i need to fill out this form in order for me to get a replacement for my defective asus rampage IV extreme mobo. I checked the link that is supposed to tell me where to find it but the sticker with the serial number doesnt have anything but a bar code and the serial number. I checked on the motherboard and found KCC-RMM-MSQRAMPAGE4E but it doesnt say anything about that being a part number.
Is the part number the same as the model number? I tried looking for the model number as well as a part number but all i came up with was the above mentioned number or what have you, as well as E6797 on my manual which i believe is the version of the manual, it came with some extra inserts for my motherboard so the manual is a bit outdated. Downloaded the latest version of the manual which i used the find feature to look for a part number which turned up with nothing and when i looked up model number it just says Rampage IV Extreme.

Can anyone confirm if any of the numbers i found are the part number, and can someone tell me if the part number that the form is asking for is the model number?

- Thanks
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    Do you still have the original box the mobo came in? If so, the label may yield a clue. Otherwise, use the model number.

    Good luck!
  2. I was able to resolve this issue, thanks so much for your post and time COLGeek.
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