Possible to run two 5770s independently? (not in crossfire)


Conceptual question. If I had a two 5770's in a P8P67 Pro, would it be possible to run them NOT in Crossfire mode, but individually? I.E. one being used for games, graphics, etc, but the other one used exclusive for GPU calculations (like Folding @ home)?

If so, is the setup hard?

Also, assuming that they could run independently, would it work with one 5770 and one 5870?
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  1. There should be no problem doing what you are talking about with either card. For the HD5770s there should be a setting in CCC to turn crossfire on or off.
  2. SLI needs to be with the same card. Crossfire needs to be with the same hundreds: 58XX or 57XX (ie 5750 with 5770). 58XX with 57XX will not be possible in crossfire.

    Why would you want them to run independelty? You can have them dedicated to a single task or more, with both of them working together... But yes, most games/applications and such have options to choose what card(s) you want to use. Without them working together, they will be no problem to work with both a 5770 and a 5870 (Though know that you will never be able to crossfire).
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