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Hey guys, I have an Acer Aspire x1700 computer. This computer is a small form factor pc, so my upgrades are very limited.

If any of you guys will be kind enough to help me, can anyone tell me what cpu would be a good choice for my computer.

My PSU is 220 Watt, and the only thing I changed on this computer was I upgraded the stock GPU to a ATI Radeon HD 5570.

The CPU currently is Intel Pentium E2220 @ 2.40GHz Conroe 65nm Technology
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  2. Intel® Core™2 Quad processor (up to 95 W)
    done :D
  3. But will it be good enough for the 220 watt psu?
  4. Find out what your motherboard is, go to the manufacturer website and then check what CPUs it'll support. Although the E2220 is S775, it doesn't necessarily mean another S775 can be dropped in as vendor PCs can be quite limited in their upgrade options.

    I'd also question the 220W PSU's capability, I'm afraid...if it's an ATX or mATX PSU, then that should be quite easy to upgrade, however.
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    According to page 59 your motherboard supports FSB 800/1066/1333 MHZ as well as the specs say:
    Intel® Core™2 Quad processor (up to 95 W)
    Intel® Core™2 Duo processor .. upgrade to a C2Q 2.93GHz.
  6. Thank you das_stig. I will be getting one of those 2 processors, probably the C2Q one.

    Ty everyone for their help.
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