Software or hardware????help plz

recently my pc has been doing the strangest thing,basically windows will run smooth for 5mins, then if i open a new window it will freeze the window but i can still access the windows start bar etc..the only way i can get it to work again iss to cntrl alt dlt an then cancle task manager window.i have formatted and reloaded windows only to find this problem still exists...can anuone plz help me??? i appreciate any feed back thank you!

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  1. if the problem persists after a full reformat/reinstall then it is a hardware issue (though admittedly an odd one). run memtest 86+ for several hours (minimum of 6) and see if it catches anything.
  2. sounds like a hardware problem not a windows problem.

    have you tested you hard drive for errors?

    have you done a memory test?

    have you checked the temperatures?
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    Software or hardware???help please
  4. This could well be a virus problem try downloading and running the free version of Malwarebytes anti virus software. The free version of Malwarebytes will co-exist without problems with any anti-virus software you may have. I know that you have reinstalled the operating system but there is a possibility that you are reinfecting yourself.
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