Selecting a motherboard, any help?

I'm looking for an inexpensive motherboard with these specifications:
LGA 1155
Firewire port
1 PCI Express 16x slot
PCI Express 1x Slot
DDR3 at least 16 Gigs
I'm planing on putting an intel i3 2100 with the motherboard now, then eventually upgrading to an i7. Besides everyday computing needs I'll be using the computer for watching HD and blue-ray movies, light photo editing, and light gaming. I would also really like the system to run pretty quickly. I cant find any motherboards that are relatively inexpensive with these specs. All I can find is other mobo that have other more advanced specs that I don't need (making them more expensive), or ones that don't meet the specs I would like, suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Cheaper the better.
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  1. What's your budget? You could buy a motherbaord without the Firewire port and an add-on card, but you may not save any money. The following motherboards should meet your requirements:

    Intel BOXDZ68DB



    Your requirement for HDMI, SATA III and Firewire can't be met with a very inexpensive motherboard.
  2. What do you all think about the ASRock Z77 Extreme4 LGA 1155 Intel Z77?

    I like that it allows me to upgrade from sandy to ivy as an added bonus.
  3. You said you needed the cheapest possible with you want a much more expensive board without firewire.....

    Any s1155 board supports Ivy Bridge, even H61.
  4. I was taking the advice of the guy above saying I could add a card later with a firewire port. Any info on my question?
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