What Parts Are Needed For A Gaming Rig?

Hey everyone.
I am planning on getting a good build for around $1000 to $1100. Before I know what parts I should be buying, I need to know which parts are NEEDED.
Before I ask for a good build for my price range, can someone please point out to me what parts are needed for a computer to run.
For example, this is one of my noob questions:
Do I need to buy case fans, or do they come with the case? See simple things like this which I might miss.
Once I buy all of my parts, I will go over to an electronics store a few minutes away from me. There someone will build it for me, for I am afraid of building it by myself :D.
Thanks guys!
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  1. You would need a motherboard, processor (make sure it is the same socket as the motherboard., case, RAM, a video card (since it is a gaming computer), a power supply, a hard drive and optical drive. Also a mouse, keyboard, and monitor if you don't have one. An aftermarket heat sink and fan is highly recommended if you plan on overclocking. Case fans come with the case but there are optional slots on some cases which you could buy extra fans for. Also you can upgrade the case fans if you want things like LED lights.
  2. Alright, do you think you can suggest a good case which has optional slots for fans. And a link to the case and optional fans that I can buy? Please and thank you.
  3. The case is one of the less important compentts in a computer and wihtout knowing what you'll need the computer to do, recommending one isnt very ideal. In most cases you wont need additional fans in your case though.
  4. I hope you are right. Hopefully, once I get my rig, it will not be overheating. If anything I can spend an extra $40 for good case fans. If that is the price.
    Thanks Timop for your responses at my threads. They are always helpful. :]
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