The difference between i5 660 and the i5 661

Can anyone see any differences between the intel i5 660 and the 661, both seem to have the exact same specs can anyone see any differences between the 2? Check careful its very tricky. good luck to all, this is the true test of knowledge?
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  1. It isn't tricky. The i5-661 is better suited to enterprises as it includes vPro, Vt-d and Trusted Execution Technology.,43550

    Edit: I meant the i5-660 is better...
  2. There was 3 differences between the Intel® Core™ i5-660 and Intel Core i5-661.
    The biggest difference between them was that the Intel Core i5-661 had a faster clock speed on it IGP (Intergraded Graphics on Processor) at 900MHz vs 733Mhz on the Intel Core i5-660.

    The Intel Core i5-660 has support for TXT (Trusted Execution Technology) and VT-d (virtualization with directed I/O) and the Intel Core i5-661 doesnt support these technologies.

    You can see the information on these processors here,43550

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  3. Thanks alot for both answers , most would have not seen the mhz differences in the video, to the naked eye on retail site they are posted exactly the same right down to the price. thanks again.

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    BSIT Application Programming.
  4. the ark is your friend
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