4 Year old Enermax 485W PSU for new build...

I am in the process of looking into components for a new system I am working on putting together and I was hoping to salvage some pieces from my old system in the process.

I have an Enermax 485W PSU that I bought about 4 years ago that I have hardly used but was curious as to possibly using it in the new system to save a few bucks. Here is a link for it:


I have no idea about requirements on some of the newer components but was curious if you guys could help me figure out if this will be useable.

I am looking at running an i5-2500k plus a Radeon 6870 or Nvidea 560 Ti. I am not looking to Crossfire or SLI currently, but would do so in the future and upgrade the PSU at that time.

Any help would be appreciated on this. Thanks!
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  1. no, nein, non, erm, any other language variant on negatory?
    I qwouldn't use a 4yr old psu on a new build, especially not a 2500k that your most probably going to overclock,
    play safe, get a new decent one, dont skimp on your Pc's heart :)
  2. Actually he can use that, a HD 6870 consumes only 150W. The PSU has 384W on the 12V rail.
  3. +1 motopsychojdn

    4 years is long time in the PC business and it would ahve degraded a little.

    Spend the extra ££ and get yours selft a nice power efficient psu with all those new safety features to protect your investment.
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