To crossfire or not to crossfire...

I have 2 HIS Radeon HD4670 1 Gb vid cards and a msi 770-g45 motherboard. the mobo has 2x pci-e x16 slots, one that runs with x16 speed and the other at 4x speed. My question is:

Will one card work better than two in this situation?

Am I actually getting less performance with 2 cards as opposed to 1?

If i decide to upgrade, which should i upgrade? The video card or the motherboard?

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  1. I could not find a single benchmark or review of the 770 chipset boards, much less the specific one produced by MSI, or any desired Crossfire benchmarks.

    However, I can't imagine Crossfire ever being crippled to the point of no improvement noticed as a result of the chipset's x16/x4 limitation...; if you already own 2 cards, and your PSU is sufficient, a few benchmarks of any FPS game from the last 1-3 years should tell the story pretty quickly.
  2. You will get more performance from 2 4670s in any speed compared to 1 4670(except in games that don't support CF)
    However,x16x4 is the slowest setup for 2 cards and it performs significantly lower than dual x8/x16.
    The most cost-effective upgrade for your PC is to upgrade to 1 single powerful card.
  3. 1. no you won't lose performance, only on games that don't support CF
    2. motherboard is fine, if 4670 does not run as you wish it could you should go for a better single card than adding another
  4. As far as a single card is concerned...

    At what level would I see marked improvement over the 2 cards I have now?

    I would like to stick with ATI cards because my board only supports CF and not SLI. Would a HD5770 be better than the two I am using now because of the DDR5 memory or do I need to go higher?

  5. 1 5770 will give you pretty much the same performance as 2 4670s(a little slower maybe)
  6. single gpu is always the way to go. with CF, you have to deal with microstutter/game profiles, incompatibilities/other crap

    imo, crossfire is really meant for the highest end cards, and that only.

    doing CF with two low cards is just silly, when you could probably sell the 2 you have and buy an equally performing single card for the same price.
  7. ^incompatibilities? all the latest stuff i can remember supports CF
  8. OP: Have you tried OCing?
  9. I have only OC'ed my processor. I have never overclocked a gpu. How would I go about doing that?
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    @ shrkbay
    Actually not all games support CF. As a CF user,I've to say there are many games that run better with CF turned off like PES 2011,SC2, BioShock 2 also there are some games which give texture glitches with CF enabled and you have to tweak the settings and install crossfire profiles(or use an app called Radeon pro to tune things up) in order to play the game without any problems

    @ OP
    OC'ng your card will give you a performance boost but it's not anything significant
  11. @Maziar, i know that many games do not support CF, but most of the games that will come out in the future will support SLI and CF. Also the games you listed are easily run with 1 card (not sure about BioShock 2, but BioShock (1) wasn't very demanding)
  12. Yes they'll run easily on a single card,and that's the reason most of these games don't run well with CF enabled
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