Need help determining if this would fit in my case!

I am getting a cooler master case which is right here ----->

With this case I am adding my motherboard which is right here


I am also adding a HD radeon 6950 which is right here

-----> which i know in newegg doesnt list the size, but i think its a 12 inch card or something of that direction.

The power supply is right here which will be added in the case

I am adding a cooler master hyper 212 plus cpu cooler in there also. I was doing the measurements it looks like it will fit just right, but I need to make sure. Could you guys help me out :)

and my selected PSU will work fine right, its 650W... and I think it has all the connections it needs.
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  1. Well I know for sure your mb would fit as it is atx. I would say yes your gpu would fit also.
  2. It will all fit but you might have some trouble fitting hyper 212, it will be right next to the RAM slot 1 but it will be fine if your not using all 4 slots. If your just useing 2 you will be perfectly fine.

    The PSU will be good to go if your not planning on doing CrossFireX.
  3. But all in all your Coolermaster 922 is a really good case and should fit everything you mentioned above.
  4. Ok thank you. I am actually planning to fit 2x4gb rip jaws, you think the 212+ wont fit if I were to add all rams, also which side do i put that ram in what color on the mb.
  5. The 2 blue slots and the hyper wont be a problem. And it really depends on the MOBO i fit will fit some leave more room than others. You def. dont need over 8 gig so you really dont need all 4 slots anyways. All in all the Hyper 212 is worth it! It cools wonderfully although some would argue, i love it.
  6. ok thank you. yeah I am hoping 4.7ghz, you think its good with the mobo to reach that?
  7. Yes the MOBO is good to go what CPU are you using? And are you set on a z68 MOBO?
  8. i am using a 2600k.
  9. Thats awesome, you going to be using hyper threading or anything? And are you set on using a Z68 MOBO?
  10. not set on it but i do like it. Um yeah maybe I will be doing some video editing. mostly running runescape bots tho..whats your msn btw if you dont mind me asking :)
  11. Yeah then the Z68 def. be for you and you can Overclock with ease with the board and your 2600k.
  12. So the z68 is a good mobo for overclocking. Um what would you suggest in my graphics card, Ive done alot of reviews and it seems like this would handle most games and futureproof me
  13. A good future proof if it's in your budget is a good HD 6950 or 6970, that way if you want to do some CrossFireX down the road it will be a good card to do it with. The best brands are Sapphire and XFX.
  14. oh i was thinking msi twin frozr 3. 2gbs I actually have all of that implemented into my cart :) doesnt MSI have a bios download which converts ur 6950 to a 6970
  15. Yep! converts no problem.Also the MSI Afterburner is pretty beast, Overclocks with ease! and good future proofing.
  16. oh ok so the MSI verzion of 6950 is good and i can flash it to 6970 correct?
  17. Read this:

    This should help alot on that, i dont know alot about flashing, hope this helps.
  18. Oh I heard they are making laser cuts on the new ones.Does flashing the bios void the warranty?
  19. Well it works like this: You flash it it voids warranty, something goes wrong flash it back and they can never tell. That is if you can flash it back, meaning that if it's not completely broke.
  20. someone told me the had a software that tells if you flashed their bios. :P i hope nothing goes wrong exarr. I got a family to worry about after i buy the graphics card :P you think it will. should i test it out in overclocking to make sure everything is good. the 6950 i am getting doesnt have a bios switch tho is it still safe to flash and flash back still making the warranty active.
  21. LOL! Well i am going to tell you that i really don't know this one haha All i know is what i have read, not from personal. Sorry i couldn't help you more on that, but i think it would be safe just to check Overclocking first and i think you will be fine.
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