Selecting a CPU for a M4A88TD-V EVO MOBO

I have an ASUS MOBO sitting around the M4A88TD-V EVO. Any recommendations on the Processors. I bought a new MOBO (M5A88-EVO) to get the a Core unlocker, 6 Gb/s and usb 3 and moved the phenom ii x4 965 processor to this MOBO. I would love to make this system a sick gameing machine. If I get a better processor then the 965 then I will move it over to the other system which I use at work. I hope you all can make a few suggestions on a cost effective system with I will overclock the hell out of, just for fun. I am thinking of using the NVIDA GeForce GTX 560 Ti as the video, but am open to other more cost effective solutions. Please help!!! :lol:
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