GTX 570 + OCZ SX2 600W

Hi. I want to buy this GPU:

but I'm not sure if it will work with my PSU.

I tried doing some research, apparently I need 550w so that covers it but then I read you need 32 amps, but my PSU has 4 rails of 18amps so how does this work?
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  1. Well it has more than the minimum required watts, though you have to make sure it also has at least 36amps on the rails.....but the site doesn't offer that information! Crazy!!! haha Do you already have the PSU? If so, check the sticker on the PSU and tell me how many amps are on the 12v rail, and if there is 2 rails or more then post those too. For example, the 12v max output may say "22a" :P
    PS: According to the reviews, tests were done on this specific PSU, and they were able to easily pull an output of 700w!! So it's really a 700w psu :P haha i'm positive that PSU is perfect for the GTX 570 :) (Them minimum combined pc/gtx 570 wattage together=550. And they usually bump up the minimum to be safe, so you have about 200 extra watts on that PSU. So you even have a lot of overclocking headroom. So just post the amps :P

    I'm actually running an MSI Gtx 570 as well, and i have a Cooler Master Extreme Plus 600w, with only a combined amp rating of 36, and i'm running a quad core overclocked like crazy, and the card is overclocked like crazy, and the PSU is outputting just FINE :) So you're really in the clear with the PSU you have :P
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    plum said:

    Woops, i just noticed you had already included your rails/amps in your first post haha, but yeah the sticker confirms it. Anyway, you're GOLDEN, you have more than enough amps to run the gtx 570 :P
  3. Thank you man :)
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