Picking a motherboard for i5 3450!

hey guys, im building new gaming pc for my self! ive got the coolesrmaster cm 690 case!

but i have two 120 mm fans on top, one rear fan, two front fans, and there will be my cpu fan..
im trying to find a mother board with about 5 Chassis Fan connector(s), ill be putting 8gb crossair ram 1600mhz, gtx 580, with 600w psw! with 1 x SSD 1 x HDD could anyone tell me any good motherboards for under £150 (wont be need sli) thank you
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  1. Why connect all your fans to your motherboard? If your PSU is half decent it should have a lot of unused connectors (molex I think) that you can use to power those fans.
    Will you overclock? If not then something like this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813128548 would be enough for you
  2. im going to get "ASrock z77 extreme 4"

  3. That's a good motherboard. If you can buy it then do it
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