recently my pc has been doing the strangest thing,basically windows will run smooth for 5mins, then if i open a new window it will freeze the window but i can still access the windows start bar etc..the only way i can get it to work again iss to cntrl alt dlt an then cancle task manager window.i have formatted and reloaded windows only to find this problem still exists...can anuone plz help me??? i appreciate any feed back thank you
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  1. If it is windows explorer that is crashing (hit "ctrl" + "shift" + "esc"/escapekey all at the same time) to open the "windows task manager" then go to the processes tab.

    Select "explorer.exe" and hit delete and then click "kill task: when it asks you if you want to kill that process. This will make the bar at the bottom of the screen disappear.


    Click on the applications tab,

    At the bottom of the window there will be the "new task" tab type in "explorer" and hit enter. This should restart the explorer task and it should no longer be frozen.

    If the PC runs fine after this, then you need to uninstall any unnecessary programs as they might be interfering in the start up of your computer.

    IF it continuously freezes over and over after this; then I would recommend a reformatting of the PC or using the windows repair feature on your windows 7 disk or recovery partition.
  2. don't share your email address. identity theft is very harmful.
  3. Hi Nathyn
    As de5 said, you might want to edit your OP to remove your email address.

    Do you use external drives or flashdrives? If so, there could be the possibility of an viral infection there that re-infects your system drive. Super anti spyware and Malware Anti-malware bytes would be a start point.

    This is 3 in one. Depending on your windows settings, you may need to run as administrator.
  4. try to refresh your window if its win problem
  5. what is your pc's specs?
    have you tried rebooting the pc and use error checking?
    if the explorer.exe keeps crashing you could -
    scan your system with anti-malware softwares with boot disks e.g. avg rescue cd.
    update your drivers if you haven't already.
    check your virtual memory/page file size. if it's too low or set to dynamic, you can change it to 2+ gb on a non-os partition.
    use windows update to update your system.
  6. hey guys just wanna say thank you for all feed back, i have tried all that was mentioned but still batteling , it seems to affect my mouse aswell now wich is a sidwinder x8 ....someone told me it might have something to do with my ram memory or something, but how do u clean that etc?another thing i wanted to ask is i recently bought a aftermarket cooling fan for cpu which has a fan controller but didnt connect to original cpu fan connector as didnt fit, now everytime i start up i get f1 error etc how can i turn this off?
    amd phenom 2x 4 processor 3.00ghz
    16gb ram
    2tb wd sata 2 hdd
    windows 7 64bit
    radeon 6770 hd 1gb graphics
  7. You currently have a problem you didn't have until recently. You say you changed the fan but it does not connect to the cpu fan connection. The CPU will when it get hot trigger the cpu fan to increase rpm's to maintain regulated temperature. I'm not sure what MoBo you have or what fan connector you are plugged into, but I would guess from the info you provided the cpu may be over heating and seizing up. The first thing I would try is to re-install the original fan.

    Memory is not necessarily cleaned unless it an older machine that has layers of dust built up inside. You could try to remove all memory, install 1 mem stick and boot up. Many modern bios have a ram testing function you can choose to initiate. Do this for each stick of ram you have. I am also going to assume you memory is all matched with the other memory you have installed (timings, speed and voltages). This swapping of ram sticks will isolate a bad stick if you have any.

    If that doesn't work, Is the radeon 6770 an installed card? If so, is there a oem graphics adapter built into the motherboard? If yes and yes, rule out the radeon by removing it and booting with the oem graphics.

    Any other add-on cards, i.e. SCSI, tv tuner, etc.? If so, you might want to remove them and then boot with out them. If this boot is successful, one by one, add a card and boot until symptoms recur.

    Your question of turning off the f1 error, not likely. The machine knows it needs a cpu fan to stay healthy and will let you know about it. Call the manufacture or local comp parts supply to inquire about an adapter. likely a 3 pin to a 2 pin right?
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