Power supply connectors dont fit in my gpu

Hi guys, building my first computer today and my psu connector, the 8 pin connector, won't fit into my gtx 580. I have a bunch of connectors that came with the power supply and video card but nothing seems to work. The PSU is a 700w OCZ ModXStream pro...anyone know whats going on?
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  1. Use the other 8pin. You probably are trying to use the motherboard 8 pin plug.
  2. i've tried everything thats comes with the psu and gpu and nothing works
  3. Power connectors are keyed to only fit one way. Do not force anything.

    Look carefully at the shapes of the 8 pins/sockets. Some will be partially rounded to insure that they fit only one way.
    There is a latch to keep the lead in, it locks on to a small ledge on the card. Make certain it is on the proper side.

    Since a 8 pin pci-e connector may be unusual, some GTX580 cards will come with an adapter .

    Because your psu is modular, make certain that the power leads have the proper end plugged into the psu.

    If all else fails, read the manual.
  4. why doesn't the 8pin from the psu work in the gpu
  5. there are two types of 8 pin connectors.
    One can go to a 8 pin cpu connector on the motherboard.
    If you look straight at the end of the connector with the latch on top, a cpu 8 pin connector wil show a pattern of:
    where r is a rounded pin and s is a square pin.

    The other type is a pci-e connector that goes to your GTX580. On a pci-e 8 pin connector, you should see
  6. yes it did come with a power cable like the one in the picture
  7. Here is a link to a photo of a 8 pin cpu connector:

    Here is a link to a photo of a 8 pin pci-e connector:

    They look the same, but note carefully which pins are square and rounded.

    You don't want to try to put a square pin in a round hole.
  8. like on my graphics card, it came with an adapter, a little cord... plug 1 end of that cord into the graphics card and the other into the psu cord

    if you dont have this cord then im not sure lol
  9. i got it to work, thanks for all the help guys...really appreciate it
  10. goldenbootz said:
    i got it to work, thanks for all the help guys...really appreciate it

    Good job!

    What was the secret?
  11. it was a stupid mistake on my part, really lol..I do have another question though...in order to see if i had it correct, i would boot up the system. Obviously I didnt have the connectors in correctly cause the gpu wouldn't turn on..is this bad for the GPU? To boot up the system and not have the connectors in it?
  12. Stupid mistake? I'm still guessing he was using the mobo connector and not the PCIe one. You'd be surprised how often that happens.

    It won't harm the GPU at all. When they don't get the power they need they just don't boot.
  13. thanks for the reply man, the reason I ask this is because when I opened up the gpu case a notice was there telling me to make sure the connectors are in before booting up the system. But i guess it means "firmly" in before booting it
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