Total computer freeze, out of ideas!!

Hi all,
I just build myself a monster of a new computer and I keep experiencing total computer freezing. Like, the whole computer will freeze everytime I play a game. It's very random. It could happen 20 minutes in or 2 hours in. It only happens when I'm gaming. It's very stable otherwise. I'm running windows 7 64bit.

My stats are:
core i5 2500k
amd radeon 6870
asus p8p67 mobo
g.skillz 8gb ram ripjaws made for sandy bridge
vertex 3
cz modxstream 700W
coolermaster cm690 ii case

Nothing is overclocked. I tried reformatting several times, different drivers. I ran memtest and checked the temperature. The cpu hovers around 50C on load and the GPU goes up to 75C on load. They're both around 40C when idle. I swapped the ssd for a normal harddrive to see if that could have been the problem, but it still happens even with a normal harddrive.
I was thinking it could be overheating from the GPU, but 75C still seems normal to me.

Does anyone have any ideas what I could do next? I'm absolutely very frustrated with the whole situation. Any help would be immensely appreciated.
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  1. Which memtest did you run and for how long?
    This is the right one
    Run CPU-Z and verify that the current memory settings match the settings listed in the SPD tab of CPU-Z.

    If so, bump the voltage on the DRAM slightly to see if that resolves it, or makes it better.

    If not, try the same thing with CPU voltage.

    Check your BIOS (UEFI) version and then see what updates there are available. If the description of an update looks like it might be related, flash the BIOS.

    See if Prime95 or Furmark will hard lock more reliably. If neither will, then run both at the same time.
  2. Hmm. I ran the memory diag tool that came with windows 7. I'll definitely try all of those to see if it happens. Thanks again! I hope this narrows down the problem, this is very frustrating :)
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