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I am in the process of setting up my first dedicated web server. This is what I will be using it for: As a Media Server w/ WHS 2011 with Windows Server 2008 R2 in visualization for hosting my websites/testing client websites.

My question is what hardware should I use?

I am thinking about purchasing this: Ebay Poweredge 840 it has a Xeon Quad Core and I already have Sata hard drives and memory so I can max it out to 8 GB.

My other option is that I have a AMD Phenom II 955 x4 and all I would need to do is by a new motherboard, probably this one: ASRock AM3+ Mobo

So which CPU would be better?

The Xeon 3210:

# of Cores 4

# of Threads 4

Clock Speed 2.13 GHz

L2 Cache 8 MB

Bus/Core Ratio 8

FSB Speed 1066 MHz

FSB Parity No

Instruction Set 64-bit

The Phenom II 955:

# of Cores 4

# of Threads 4

Clock Speed 3.2 GHz

Hyper Transports 4000MHz

L2 Cache 4 x 512KB

L3 Cache 6MB

64 bit Support Yes


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  1. meh, im getting into expensive stuff, but for a processor... especally if your expecting high traffic, go for dual 6 core xeon... unfortunatly... good luck finding a board... and xeon is ridiculously priced...
    OR... you could gofor the AMD opteron series... there coming out with a 16 core processor soon... hope this helps a bit, i didnt awnser all your questions
  2. If you already have a CPU and most components, why not try how the AMD runs?
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    Go with the AMD and splash out £70 on a nice Gigagbyte board, hint hint my siggy and full its guts with memory.
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