Is my monitor compatible with Vista 32-bit ?


I am helping a friend who has a DMTECH LT20XTV monitor / digital television connected to the VGA port on her computer (onboard).

I am completely baffled by the extremely grainy graphics - whereas the same PC outputs perfectly on my own 17" flat screen monitor.

My first thought was that it just needed the resolution adjusted - no joy as some options work but many come up "Out of range" and I have to press Esc to get back to the dialog.

I then downloaded the video drivers and installed / re-installed them. Still there is no difference at all.

I then plugged in a separate PCE-E graphics card and installed the drivers which came with it - still no difference at all.

The grainy resolution is identical whether I am using onboard graphics or a plug in card - does this mean the monitor isn't compatible with Vista ?

Or is there perhaps a design fault with the monitor itself ?

I have tried to find DMTECH's website to see if I can get support - I cannot find it or any information on the model I have by doing a Google search.

Any support you can give me would be appreciated so I can stop being baffled and return the computer/monitor to her - even though I haven't been able to get the problem sorted (which is annoying for me as I like to fix things, not admit failure !).

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  1. Well, from what I can find, this is apparently a quite dated monitor which only supports 640x480, that would definitely look pretty bad on a 20" screen.
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