Gtx295 on boots when cold.

Ive recently followed several instructions online for replacing the thermal compound and cleanigng the dust out of my BFG gtx295. The cleaning and replacing compound was easy enough Im quite technical and did follow videos and instructions very carfully.

I made the change because the GPU was hitting 90 degrees plus whist gaming which isnt good. Safe to say the procedure has had a massive improvement because now I havnt seen it go above 75 degrees even after a few hours of gaming.

Now for the problem. Since doing the clean up the graphics card only seems to post on boot up if its cold. If I simple boot the PC from cold play a game for 5 minutes then reboot the graphics card just doesnt post. I get 1 long beep and 3 sort beeps which I know relates to a video card issue. But if I simply leave the PC to cool down completely then power the pc it works absolutly fine.

Now I know things expand with heat, is a capaitor or something not contacting because of the heat maybe? Im looking for suggestions as to things I can try.

The thermal compund I used was Arctic Cooling MK-4 which is supposedly better tahn mk2 and mk3 and as I say it does seem to have solved my gpu heat problem.

Some info:

Motherboard: Asus P5N-D
Graphics Card: BFG Tech GTX295
CPU: Intel Q8400 Quad 2.6Ghz
Memory: 4GB

The links I used to clean GPU:

Nothing on the PC has ever been overclocked.
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  1. Ive tried the usual like reseat the card and make sure all the screws are in fully tightened. Made sure power cables are in ok.

    forgot to mention PSU: Corsair 750W
  2. sounds like your power supply. The GTX295 is a big power hog, I know I used to have two of them. When a card heats up it produces more resistance, more resistance means more power draw. Try new power cables to your card and even see about making sure they are not all on the same channel (circuit?) some power supplies have single channel others are split. You can overburden one if all your stuff is on that channel.
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