Which is better, core 2 duo and core i3 cpu for graphic related works


which is better, core 2 duo and core i3 CPU for graphic related works... i am an artist, illustrator and animator. i am using core i3 processor and i am facing lots of problem. the main problem is the CPU usage goes to 90 to 95% while working and the the system becomes very slow. as a result i am not able to work. what is the solution for this.. kindly somebody help me.
naveen r
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  1. core i3 is much faster than a core 2 duo. If the cpu useage goes up for no apparent reason, then you lileky have a virus/malware or some background process using up all the CPU time. Also, dont post your email on a public forum unless you like getting insane amounts of spam mail and viruses.
  2. thank u,

    Assuming that its an virus, i changed my anti virus thrice and formatted the system completely once, but still the problem remains the same.... slightly better.... but system is slow yet...
    i have few options in front of me... please suggest me which is better.
    now i have 2bg ram. option

    01. to add 2 more GB RAM.
    02. To add graphic card
    03. to exchange this system with core 2 duo.

    or if u have anything better, kindly suggest me. i am in a trouble.

    thank u
    naveen r
  3. Full system specs would be helpful.

    Are you running with 2GB of ram and integrated video, this would be painful for graphics works.
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