Installing windows 7 from usb drive stuck at setup is starting

I am trying to install window 7 through usb in my Dell studio 1555 Laptop.Every time it get stuck at "setup is starting".I have already disabled all other boot options except usb.There is no floppy drive option. I have gone through more or less every post related to this problem ,but common solution that is to remove all the usb ,firewire etc attachment,does not work in my case as i am installing from usb. Please help as i have already tried it 5 6 times.
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  1. I've never tried it but I've heard it's impossible probably because of the likelyhood of piracy which is what I suspect you are doing.
  2. Try loading it up then once it starts hanging, unplug the USB and plug it back in. Wait and see if the light on it starts flashing. If it doesn't start flashing after about a minute, try unplug/replug again. Try this cycle a few times until it gets to the bit where you select the language etc. Hit 'install' then it will probably hang again, do the same thing. Should work in the end; seems like a bug as the same thing happened (and the same thing fixed it) on two of my machines.
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