Urgent Help! Need a new Heatsink/fan for ATI 4870

Hello there, I have an ASUS EAH4870/HTDI Graphics adapter - 512MB - GDDR5 SDRAM graphics card link below shows the exact model
I am extremely happy with it but it has started to overheat a bit under heavy load recently. http://www.asus.com/Graphics_Cards/AMD_Series/EAH4870HTDI512M/
I have tested everything else on the machine & I know for sure it is the fan on the graphics card. I have all my fans cranked up to full just to keep it cool as the GPU fan is working but not doing its job (have read review about this card recently & reviews of a falling or bad fan was common)

I have read reviews and people saying the Zalman VF1000 LED (link to the model on their site) http://www.zalman.co.kr/eng/product/Product_Read.asp?idx=276
Is great for the card but looking at images it’s not the exact layout as my card.

The question I need to know is would this fit my graphics card I realise it says on the fan’s specs on the link above that it is compatible but looking at the graphics card it looks like this would not fit over the wee heat sink (just to the right of the fan on the graphics card)

If it is not suitable for the card could anyone possibly recommend a different fan that would keep the card cool and stable and quiet also under heavy load.

Having the fans up at full blast to keep the card cool is driving me nuts!

Apologies for taking up your time & anyone that helps it will be greatly appreciated look forward to hearing from anyone that can help as I need to get a fan soon got a lot of work next week & can’t afford the card dying on me as it works perfectly fine

Cheers, Stuart
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  1. Relax..You didn't list the most important part of your post.
    What was is your ''Full Load'' Temp And Idle
    Pc Specs.
  2. Mervyn1389 said:
    Relax..You didn't list the most important part of your post.
    What was is your ''Full Load'' Temp And Idle
    Pc Specs.

    Cheers for the reply Mervyn1389
    I didn’t mention it because it has been working fine until now the fan on the card is just dying. When idle with fans at normal it will go to 100c and keep rising
    When I have my 2 80mm fans at the front and the 120mm extracting fan at the back on full it will sit around 60/61c but pc sounds like a jet taking off.

    And if set the fan on the graphics card to automatic the card temp will rise so have set it set to manual to run at 100% in the Ati CCC Overdrive function.

    I'm not a novice on the pc just need a new fan I have gone through all the checks and it's the graphics card heatsink/fan that is not producing properly.
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