EVGA FTW Z68 Motherboard, Can it support more than 16GB Ram?

Hi, Im interested in the Z68 EVGA FTW Motherboard: http://www.evga.com/products/moreinfo.asp?pn=160-SB-E689-KR , It sais it has a max total memory of 16gb ram, can it support more than this, was this just the standard total of ram when it was released?

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  1. no, it doesn't support more than16gb.
  2. 16Gb is the max ammount of RAM supported by this board
  3. Im looking for a motherboard with the lga 1155 socket with 4 space pcie express slots whch can support 4 dual slot width vga cards.
  4. you don't need a mobo with 4 PCI-E slots. there are some other brands like ASUS,ASROCK etc. take a look of ASUS p8z68 vpro it has 3 PCI-e slots, (x16 for single, x8/x8 for dual GPU)


    this mobo is excellent for SLI/CF.
  5. But i do need an motherboard with 4 pcie slots for what im doing...
  6. are you putting 4 cards.
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