New high end build - want to check compatibility before buying!


Been tempted to upgrade my rig over the past few months, but I decided to save up so that I could buy something that would potentially last me a good couple of years. So, here's the system, I just want to double check that everything should work with everything else because, well, it's a fairly substantial investment. Also, any tweaks/getting rid of unnecessary things would be appreciated. :D

Silverstone FT02 Black
Intel i7-2600k
ASUS P8Z68-V Pro Motherboard B3
CoolerMaster Hyper 212+
Corsair AX750 Gold PSU
GSkill Ripjaws 2x4GB @1600MHz
MSI GeForce GTX580 Lightning Edition
Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium PCIe
Samsung SpinPoint F3 1TB HD103SJ x2
Crucial M4 SSD 128GB (OS)
Sony BC5540H01 Internal Slim SATA Blu-Ray Reader Combo (I have an appropriate 5.25" bay for this)

Thanks in advance!
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  1. They seem to be compatible, but couple of comments.

    You don't need the sound card as on board audio is pretty good these days, but it does provide somewhat better experience with good speakers or gaming headset.
    So it is not a total waste.

    Depending on what you do with your machine, you might consider the i5 2500k instead. If it's purely for gaming then that's a good way to save $100. If it's for video encoding or rending or productivity programs that can utilize 4 cores and hyperthreading then the i7 is appropriate.

    The PSU you have selected is excellent, but if you intend to SLI with another GTX580 at some point, you should be looking at something in the 1000W range.

    For SSD also check out Corsair Force 3 and OCZ Agility 3. ( Or if you want to go with best reliability Intel 320 and 510 series )

    At that price point there are several good choices for motherboards, just make sure it has everything you want it to have.
    The Asus is a good choice though.

    Personally I would go with a regular Blu-Ray drive instead of a slim version, too many bad experiences with slim drives and laptops I guess.
    But perhaps on a fixed machine these work better. Also keep in mind that if you intend to watch blu-ray movies you have to invest in a player SW as well.
    Which run somewhere in between $60-90 bucks ($60 for power dvd 10 ultra and $90 for power dvd 11 ultra ).
  2. ^ Nice parts,... some suggestions,...
    1. PSU - The AX750 no doubt is a solid PSU, but assuming you will go for GTX 580 SLI, an 800-850W PSU will be better as it will give more headroom,... AX850/ 850HX

    2. CPU Cooler - other options-

    3. Sound card - Do you really need a sound card ?? Any exotic speaker setup?? Or an expensive headphones ?? If yes, then its fine, else the onboard would suffice,...
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