Asus v/s asrock motherboards - which is better?

I'm a freelance assembler of PC's and get my orders due to careful selection and recommendation of hardwares/motherboards/Rams etc helping customers get a PC within their budget.At the same time, I make it a point to see to it that their PC supplied by me does not become redundant.
In one such case, I received an order from one of my friend asking me to help him with a gaming PC.
I started off to the market with the thought of buying the Asus P8Z77-V Pro, a new arrival to the Indian market but after going through the price and features, I ended up finalizing the AsRock Z77 Extreme6 motherboard.
I concluded this after giving careful thought and most importantly to the budget of my customer.
But it still is into my head, should I not have coaxed my customer to spend a little more on his first computer - a gaming PC which would have helped me to go for Asus without a second thought.
In the hind sight I believe that my judgement of going for AsZ77 Extreme 6 will not prove me wrong.
I shall remain thankful to the experts for their view on the subject.
Venkat Iyer
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  1. Everyone will say Asus is better because they have been around for a long time and make lots of different products.

    However, Asrock, which was started by Asus, has spunoff into it's own company and continues to dominate the "budget" segment with boards that have the same quality and features as a comparable Asus board for a lot less money.

    Asrock is now a top 3 mobo manufacturer in the world.
  2. I never have owned an ASrock, but my friend does and he seems to like his enough. I like the AsRock extreme series though and would probably buy one when I decide to upgrade my mother board, if I could get it for a decent price.
  3. They are pretty evenly matched, and it really comes down to personal experience and preference.

    For me ASUS has never let me down while provided excellent features for a good price. Asrock has their "Extreme" series going for them, but that is about it. If you want a more feature rich board, while backed by a great company for go for the V-Pro. Although the Extreme6 is a nice board too.

    All boils down to what you want and prefer.


    I just want to add one more thing. Performance from board to board isn't something you should look for. As board performance from a $100 one to a $300 dollar one is only like 10%. It is the features you should look for, what part of the board do you like. Compare the boards with Newegg's compare, and see what has what and what you like.
  4. one thing to look at as people are from all over the world is if the mb does fail how fast could you get a replacement. it nice if you could get the asus board..but if one fails how long to get it replacement. it nice if your in the usa and there a repair/replacment depo in your country that can drop ship you a new unit. some time you have to go for brand b becuase you cant get brand a without pulling teeth.
  5. Both are in Taiwan with offices in the USA. Mobo RMA is never fun or easy no matter what company your dealing with very few of them speak English very well.
  6. I've always had great luck with ASUS but I went with Asrock this time because it seems like the same thing for a much cheaper price. Why not. Mine was Tom's approved so I got it. They haven't steared me wrong yet.

    Something you might want to look for on Newegg is their "open box" specials. I just got a $280 board for $200. It was so cool! I don't even have the processor yet. I just had to get it.
  7. Bah I would never buy an open box motheroboard, besides $280 mobo for $200? I paid $59 for my mobo, hehe, and it supports any Ivy Bridge cpu's.
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