Freezing and/or shutting down while playing

Hi, well, I've had this problems for about 2 days and I think it's my phenom II x4 955 having high temps, but i did a test with occt for 30 mins and temp didnt pass the 60ºC, while playing I cant check since ATT only says cpu0:143 cpu1:143 dont know if there's a way to fix that, gpu temps dont go over 86ºC I have 2 hd6850, top of the second card is about 78ºC, any suggestions would be helpfull, thanks
update: after freezing and going to a black screen, I have to shut it down and have to turn off the psu for about 30 secs cause if I dont, the cpu wont start, it'll just turn on the mobo lights and a fan controller lights
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  1. That seems like some pretty high temps... I thought that GPUs should not pass 80. Also if there is not enough cooling in the case all that GPU heat might lead to high CPU temps and causing that shut down. It really sounds like you need more cooling in your case

    One thing you could do is install speedfan and you can turn on graphs for all your internal temps and Tab out of your game to see where things are at. I'm sure there are other programs that can do the same but speedfan works for me (you have to take extra steps to actually have it control your fan speeds).
  2. 1. What's the make, model and rated wattage and amperage of your PSU?

    2. Your temps are probably too high.
  3. hmmm ya, I thought that my case needs more air flow, I have a centurion 5 and can barely put my 2 hd6850 there with 2 hdd, case is open right now so I thought that could help for now, and just saw that my cpu temps while idle is 40-45º wich i think is pretty high, I'll try to find a bigger case

    my psu is a corsair tx 650w
  4. Right, that is a very high quality PSU. 40-45 isn't too high (even for idle necessarily), but could you do a load test and see what temperature it gets up to? Use something like Prime95 and monitor with Real Temp.

    Edit: saw the load temps in original post. Re-reading the OP, it looks like it could have something to do with the motherboard. Perhaps the motherboard is overheating; check if it has a temperature sensor.
  5. idle mobo is 36-40, have to check under load somehow, just bought a bigger case, cooler master storm scout, I wanted to buy some time ago but didn't really had an excuse to do it, also bought a new heatsink, cooler master hyper 212+.
  6. Chipset may be overheating but more-so, if you have graphics proc. at 86 C, I would apply new thermal paste to them. (Not as easy as a CPU but, easier than burning out 2 GPU's) You will need to remove the heatsinks and fans but, that shouldn't be much of a problem. CPU temp. seems a tad high but, I wouldn't be too concerned. If you're moving to a new casy, go ahead and apply new thermalpaste while it's out of the chassis but, you shouldn't NEED to, just an extra precaution.

    My guess is that the GPU's are what is shutting you down, but that's just my thought.
  7. the thing is, I'm not even getting a warning from the asus programs concerning my gpu temps, also, the freeze may happen when gpu temp is 68º.
    I also found something new, if the pc doesnt start after freezing if I let loose the heatsink and then lock it, the pc will start again.
  8. Maybe the heatsink isn't secured very well.
  9. well, that thing only worked once, heatsink was well secured, I couldn't turn it or move it after locking it, I'm strating to think it's a mobo problem, what's the safe temp for mobos?? asus m4a79xtd evo in my case
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