I3-2100 the best???

Hellow guyzz...

I was just curious that is the i3-2100 the best cpu out there that has 2 cores????
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  1. I3-2130 is 300mhz faster

    I3-2125 has HD 3000 graphics instead of HD2000 and is 200mhz faster
  2. So the i3-2100 series are the best dual cores???
  3. ch0rus123 said:
    So the i3-2100 series are the best dual cores???

    the current top of the line dual cores is the i3-21xx series.
  4. Yeah.
  5. However some dual cores are overpriced that makes it not worth it.

    Unless you really want to go for a budget build you can always buy the i5 2300 quad core which is only around a few extra worth more but highly prized.
  6. Generally speaking, the Core i3-21xx series is the best.

    Which one is best for you depends on what you want to do.
  7. Gaming at 1680*1050....

    Gpu= Gtx 560 non ti
    cpu= i3-2100
    Ram= 4 gb
    Psu= Antec truepower 850

    Good enough 4 games???would the i3-2100 be a bottleneck???
  8. Good enough for what games and at what resolution and settings? Also that PSU is ridiculous. Your system will draw about 300 Watts MAXIMUM.
  9. It will be fine. The Core i3-2100 can beat a quad core Phenom II X4 965 BE in games. That also includes games that uses more than 2 cores.

    The only benchmark where I saw a core i3 get beaten by a Phenom II X4 was Mafia 2. The core i3 scored 89.0 FPS while the Phenom II X4 scored 89.9 FPS. To the best of my knowledge I think Mafia 2 can actually use up to 4 cores in a CPU.
  10. Yeah, I didn't really look at the PSU. You don't need 850w. The PC will be using a lot less than 300w even if you overclock the video card and CPU.
  11. I already have the psu guyz...bought it very cheap from a friend, too good a offer 2 refuse...and games like crysis 2, metro 2033, gta 4, bfbc3, skyrim...resolution is 1680*1050...will i be able 2 max out these games???
  12. At that low a resolution you I think you'll be fine.
  13. although the i3-21xx series are great , do you have the budget to extend to the i5-2xxx chips? honestly I think it's worth it, your system will last longer overall, and itll be an actual quad core. It will definitely be of help in those games.

    But if not its okay, both are great price/performance in games.
  14. Ill upgrade 2 a i5-2500k in a few of months...
  15. Then don't waste your money on the i3 at all.
  16. I cant sit around without games for 4 or 5 months bro...and do u really think that ill b wasting my money on the i3???
  17. no the way you said it he thought you were buying the i3 and then the i5 like next month,

    if you don't have the funds for the i5 now then no worries bro just buy the i3 its great.

    I built it for my friend with a gtx 460 and its really good, can play all games with same experience as my i5-2500k and 6850.
  18. If you could buy the i3 now and the i5 in a few months you should be able to not buy the i3 now and get the i5 sooner without wasting money. Don't you have a computer now at all then?
  19. he says 4 or 5 months though bro, that's fairly long.
    don't pressure him lol , people have lives other than video games haha you never know.

    Buy either... youll have fun no matter what, games aren't even that demanding, requirements are blown out of proportion hard

    but i mean it's up to you if you can afford it, theres no reason not to get the i5.... itll just last longer due to being a quad
  20. I'm just trying to be sensible.
  21. yea I know , and I agree with your advice (it's what ive been saying too)
    at this point it's up to him.
  22. ch0rus123 said:
    I cant sit around without games for 4 or 5 months bro...and do u really think that ill b wasting my money on the i3???

    Ask your family or friends for a loan ($100) to cover the difference between a Core i3 and Core i5, and you'll payback within the next 5 or 6 months.

    If you are really close, then they might just give you an interest free loan (meaning they just want $100 back). If they hesitate, then tell them you'll pay back with interest; like $105. Considering that most banks gives less than 1% interest on saving accounts per year and you are will to give back $105 in 6 months, that's 5% interest for just 6 months (effectively 10% per year).
  23. its not even 100 dollars if he isn't overclocking which he doesnt need to anyways considering hes only using the gtx 560.

    here: the i3-2100 is $125 ( http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819115078 )
    the i5-2320 at 3.0 ghz is $180 ( http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819115091 )

    difference is only $55 ... that is definitely worth it bro... just dont eat for a couple of days haha.

    Also that i5-2320 is only very slightly slower than the i5-2500k at stock... only 300mhz and $30 apart. If you aren't overclocking the i5-2320 is the one I recommend.
  24. Im more of a savings kinda guy so no financial favours...secondly ive been building this pc from scratch so ive already waited and saved up 2 buy a mobo,ram,psu,monitor and gpu and its been a VERY long wait guyz...im just going 2 go with a i3-2100 for now and hope that its good enough...
  25. ChOrus, if can't wait for the Intel® Core™ i5-2500K. The Intel Core i3-2100 will give you solid performance in a gaming environment. Just make sure that you select a board that you will give you best step when you do upgrade in the future. Selecting a good Z68 board will allow you to overclock in the future if you upgrade to a "K" processor.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  26. the i3 2100 will be plenty and be able to play any game smoothly for the next year at least. you wont need to upgrade to the 2500 for at least a year, and by then it will be a lot cheaper
  27. Iff you interested in upgrading everything over time, like i am doing atm, then that 850W PSU was a good choice, though there will be alot of head room for now, and i mean alot, If you decide to put more RAM like Ripjaws in or something, the extra headroom will come in hand, some of the newer RAM uses alot more Wattage tha the ones i have. Mine run a little under 40 for 8 Gigs while Ripjaws X would probably be in the range of 80 for the same amount (Guestimate). But the Sandy Bridge i5 2500K ould be the one to get in the future after the i3. Its around 220 and is a good price for the range of OCing it can have.. only if you win big on the Silicon Lottery thogh haha
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