6GB RAM installed 4GB Usable help??????

I am suffering from a issue that the motherboard is not using all RAM installed. The System properties shows 6gb ram installed (4gb usable). I have ran Memtest86 on all modules and they work fine as well as checking each of the DIMM slots to ensure correct installation. In resource monitor the system shows the 2gb that cannot be used as ' hardware reserved'. The ram is all recognised as installed in the BIOS and consistently says 6gb installed 4gb usable. I have checked msconfig regarding maximum memory and this has no effect. This problem has been affecting my PC since the new ram was installed over 5 months ago. The system is running at 64 bit and the motherboard is meant to be able to cope with far more RAM than I have as far as I am aware.

I can get the ram to work when shutting down the system and re-installing the modules 1 at a time and the system uses all of the 6bg RAM, however, after shutting the PC down for the night the same 6gb installed 4gb usable message appears. Is the problem fixable or is it worth investing in a more up-to-date motherboard?

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  1. It is not a problem. That memory is, as you said, reserved for hardware purposes. The solution to your ''problem'' would be getting more RAM (some of it will be reserved but since there's more of it then more will be usable) or getting older (as in weaker) hardware
  2. More food for thought required.
    What MB?
    What am specifically? ie 3 x 2 gig DDR3 ram Mudules in triple channel Mode or 3 x 2 Gig modules in daul channel Mode (not a great idea)

    Any Idea as to what "hardware is Hijacking your Ram?, Are you using a integraded GPU (iGPU) or do You have a Dedicated GPU (dGPU) with it's own ram. A iGPU is about the Only hardware in a Normal computer that would "take" a large amount of memory from your Ram.

    Help Us to help you
    On Memory, might be helpfull if you down load CPUID CPU-z run it and clik on the Memory tab at the top.
  3. Motherboard is ga-ex58-ds4 with i7 920 2.67ghz. Graphics card is separate (gtx 260 with 1gb ram). The ram is setup as 3x2 ddr3 in triple channel. I will post CPU-Z screenshots shortly.
  4. Here you go

  5. Have you updated your Bios to F11 (dtd 03/12/2010)) which improved Enhanced memory Compatability)

    Looked thru the MB didn't see a setting that might affect memory @ post.

    Did you enable XMP and use profile one in Bios?, If not might try that.
  6. Will look at XMP heres the mobo specification. Bios is all up to date

  7. im having no luck :(
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