Case of the ATI RADEON HD 5770

Heya guys ,

I have a question. Can somebody tell me how to open the case of the ATI RADEON HD CLUB 3D 5770 ?

I got this Model :

I tried it already, but I had no succes. I was too frightened to keep working on it.

Somebody can tell me how to open the case , or give me a tutorial or some pics ?

Sincerely yours Reliable

P.S.: Sorry for my bad english.
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  1. Shouldn't a 5770 be in warranty still? If it is and you are having issues, don't mess around with the case, or you will void the warranty. Just contact the vendor for repairs.
  2. The warranty is gone already. :(

    I wanted to put new thermal paste on the GPU and clean the case.

    Because the graphic card is so noisy when I play high graphic games and the GPU gets a temperature of 90-100° C.
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