My CPU and /gpu temp. Help please

My CPU temp while i play battlefield 3 beta was about 52-54 and my GPU was about 70-75, I just wanted to know what temp is about normal and what temp should I be getting? thanks.
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More about temp please
  1. Those are normal temps. If you'd like to reduces them a little you could try a better ventilated case. But the difference is going to be only 2 to 3C.
    Your temps are fine.
  2. Your CPU temperature is in my opinion a little better than average and your GPU temperature is pretty much right on average.

    Those temps are fine.
  3. Ah Thanks What temp *C should i be starting to worry?
  4. About 80C for the GPU and 75C for the CPU. This is when you need to start looking for a better cooling option.
    Remember prolonged running of either the CPU or the GPU beyond the threshold limits could cause hardware failure. But it is only prolonged use at those temps, if they touch that those temps and come down, it's pretty ok.
  5. Ok Thank you very much! :)
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