Hi guys
im looking for a card that will work well with the celeron E3300.... currently im using the XFX GTS250 however theres a massive bottleneck ...... ive heard that the radeon HD5750 is a good choice and works well with the E3300.... however is there any other viable options ?
im not a massive gamer.... i like games such as half life 2 and hl2 mods.... and also like to run far cry2,cod mw2 and other similar fp shooters..... and i normally run games at 1600x900 resolution.....
any advice on a good replacement for the XFX GTS250 ?
cheers guys !
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  1. GTS 450 would be a good upgrade and would not require any driver changes.

    That CPU is not the best for gaming though, but the 450 will help a lot over the 250.
  2. @ hang: The GTS 250 is generally faster than the 450 so that's not an upgrade

    Anyway, the Radeon 5770 is only a few bucks more than the 5750 so that's a better choice. The 5750 is only faster than a GTS 250 some of the time. The 5770 is faster, but it's not a significant upgrade over a 250. You should get at least a Radeon 6850 or GTX 460 if you want a meaningful upgrade. Also, your CPU is more of a limiting factor at it's stock speed so you may want to consider overclocking it to get the most out of any new card.
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