Low FPS with Geforce GTX 560Ti

Hello, guys I just bought a new Geforce 560Ti and I have been getting low frame rates with fraps monitoring on the back ground. I update the latest driver through Nividia and I try Starcraft 2 not much of a difference from my 9800GTX+. Using 1680x1050 Max settings on SC2 and I am getting low 30s fps to mid 50s! Help please. My comp specs Q6600 4GB DDR2-800 and 750w PSU. I also updated my MB bios if that makes any difference.
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  1. starcraft 2 is cpu intensive game. did you run your Q6600 at stock clock?
  2. Q6600 just CANT botleneck. My E5400 never reaches more than 70%. I have a bad feeling about starcraft 2 because I had some problems with an Ati HD 3000 series, the game always crashed even with high fps on low settings. Try other games and if you dont get bad fps get in line to report bugs and video pefromance related problems on blizzard forum.
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