Motherboard for Phenom ii x4 965 be

Hi, what is are the top 10 motherboards for the phenom iix4 965 be cpu. i have a sapphire hd 6850 2gb at the moment, i will probably want to crossfire it with at least 1 more gpu before i get a new board. Price is irrelevant. If you have any answers please respond.

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  1. I have the ASUS M4A89TD PRO/USB3 and it has been great. It had all the features I wanted and has run stably (at stock speeds) for 1 year. If they still make it, I'd say it's a pretty safe choice. It's less of a gaming board and more of a deluxe general-purpose board. It does have 2 full x16 PCIe 2.0 slots.

    Of course, you could move on up to AM3+ and get a sabretooth or something.
  2. BTW, I probably have the exact same gfx card in it.
  3. i was thinking of the absolute best boards that my cpu is compatible with because i have some 2133mhz ram i want the board to be at least 2000mhz compatible.
  4. I would look towards AM3+ 990FX boards, then.

    You can learn a lot by reading through customer reviews of popular mobos on certain major online retailers. You can narrow down the list by deciding which features you need or really want.

    Good luck with your search (it's part of the fun!).
  5. Yes get an AM3+ board for sure. Any AM3+ board will support crossfire with at least 2 gpu's besides for some of the mini atx that only have one pcie x16 slot. I also think that you would have a hard time finding an AM3+ board that does NOT support 2133 ram. I still run an AM2+ board and have been looking at boards to upgrade too at some point, people seem to be really into the ASUS sabertooth boards, and I really like the ASUS EVO, even with the older 990x, it still supports three gpu's and runs with less power.
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