Will Windows 7 still be active if I move my HDD to another computer?

Hi all, just a question that I need an answer to. I've currently got Windows 7 installed on my Hard Drive. I'm soon going to be building a new system, so the motherboard and all the componetns are going to be different, most probably different brands to what I'm currently using. The thing is I'm going to be putting my current HDD in the new machine. I've heard that the OS is registered to the motherboard, not sure how true this is. Will my OS stay activated on my current HDD with my new system?
Appreciate if someone could clear this up for me.
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  1. I believe OEM copies are linked to the hardware, but then again that could just be a myth.

    Either way, it is recommended to reinstall the OS when you change motherboards, because almost all users experience BSODs, freezing, intense slow-downs, and other problems that render the computer inoperable.
  2. Oem's are tied to the motherboard directly, as far as activation goes. You can call Microsoft and say that you just upgraded your motherboard and they usually will give you a new activation serial number. You will still have to re install windows as the drivers for all the hardware will be different.
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