VGA Monitor in Dual Display Blanks Out

I recently received a new laptop with Windows 7 and docking station at work...Dell.

I have a DS-1700S dual monitor which worked fine with my old Dell workstation. One monitor runs as DVI (set to digital) and the other as VGA (set to analog).

After I connected my dual display to my docking station, this is what happens.

The monitor that is set to digital runs fine.

The monitor that is set to VGA flashes on for about 3 seconds, then blanks out, as if a power saver is enabled.

However, I believe I have checked the power saving settings and they are longer than 3 seconds.

What could be causing the VGA monitor to blank out?
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  1. Probably a setting within your laptop for the dual display. Check your visual display options for dual monitors.
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