Is this ok for a mid-range build?

Hi, one of my friends built this pc and has asked if I want to buy it off him for 400 notes cos he's getting a different one now.
My question is - as a gaming machine - is it worth it?

CPU : AMD Phenom II x4 965 BE
Motherboard : M4A87TD EVO
Memory : 2 x 4GB Kingston HyperX 1600
Video Card : ASUS HD 6950 DCUII 1GB
HDD : 1TB WD Caviar Green 64MB
OPTICAL : Samsung SH-S222 22x DVDRW
POWER : Xigmatek NRP-PC702 700w
CASE : Cooler Master - Dominator 690

A few more questions if you don't mind:

1. How well do you think this might run?
2. Do you forsee any bottlenecking issues?
3. Is there something better I can spend my money on? (PC wise ;) )
4. Lastly - and this is a big ask - how long do you think I could go with this build before gaming software makes it obsolete?

Thank you very much for your time.
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  1. 1. It will run any quite well actually.
    2. The slowest part is the hdd. It will just make loading times a little slow.
    3. You said $400? That is a really good deal.
    4. Games? Not until another console comes out will they start pushing for more demanding games (aside from a few)
  2. Its surprisingly nice for the money, and should run everything 1080p fine for at least the next year before you have to drop settings.

    You perhaps want a faster HDD and a crossfire board for upgrades and better performance, but as-is its a nice setup.
  3. Thank you both for the replies, my mind feels more at ease now. Any suggestions for a faster HDD?
  4. Samsung spinpoint 1tb
  5. Consensus - I like it. :-) Thank you very much to the both of you.
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