Hyper 212 Plus Fan Always Runs at Top Speed

The fan on my Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus has just started running only at top speed (approx 2014) regardless of the CPU temp.

The MB is an M4A88T-V EVO with a mildly o/c 1055T. The idle temp is 31C. Up until recently, the fan ran as expected, very slowly during idle and gradually changing speed up and down appropriately as the cpu temp varied.

Then, a few days ago, the fan began running only at top speed regardless of the CPU temp. No changes have been made to the system. No new parts, no BIOS changes, etc.

Any ideas? Is the problem likely being caused by a faulty fan, faulty MB, something else? Any ideas regarding how I might diagnose/fix this greatly appreciated.
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    Try update your bios, ussualy in bios show disabled, and this need set to auto. After update bios still doesnot show your fan control option, your mobo had issue. If your mobo show auto it mean fan cfm is damage.
    Just opinion, If your fan ran at max speed and not hearing too noise .. I think it's good for cpu make more cool.
  2. I went into the BIOS and checked the CPU Q-Fan Function. I have never explicitly set that, but noticed that it was set to Disabled (the default is Enabled). I then set the CPU Q-Fan Mode to Standard (also the default). It had been set to Turbo!. Saved and restarted and all is now AOK. Don't know how these ever got set to the non-default values.

    Over the past few weeks, I experimented with some fan speed apps, but never (knowingly) changed anything. One of them was Speed Fan. Perhaps when messing with it, I unknowingly caused it to modify the BIOS. In any case, all is well now
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