AMD 965 Sensitive to Ram Voltages?

Hello guys. I have tried to search but there seems to be an error with the actual search function. My set up is as follows:

-AMD PhenomII 965BE
-Gigabyte GA-890GPA-UDH3, REV 2.0
-XFX 5750
-Cooler Master 750Watt PSU
-Nothing has been over clocked at all, MOBO is on full auto

My problem lies in the ram. For about 18 months, I was running 4gigs (2x2) of OCZ Gold listed as 1333mhz 1.65 volts and never an issue. I recently set out to upgrade to more ram, so I replaced these sticks with 2X4 of Crucial Ballistix sport listed as 1600mhz at 1.5 V. When I switched to these, I get the BSOD. I have tried

1) One at a time
2) Changing slots
3) Running the pair/individual in slots 3/4 instead of the usual 1/2
3) Setting the clock multiplier to run them at 1333, but left timings/voltages on auto
4) Tried to set timings to 8-8-8-24 as well as 7-7-7-21 per recommendations via a google search to no avail.
5) I just did 2 core i5/SSD/GTX 560 builds running 16 gigs of this same ram in each of those machines with no problems at all, so I swapped out these ram sticks with known good ones.
6) I have also had the case cover off and up on a table out of a usual spot because at first I suspected a heat issue as these things run hotter than the OCZ stuff did, but no difference.

I can 100% say the ram itself is not defective, the problem lies somewhere in my processor/mobo compatibility. I would really like to get this figured out, but I am not sure exactly where to start. I have read that the 965 does not like ram over 1333mhz, but manually setting it to 1333mhz and leaving the timings/voltages on auto does not seem to fix this problem. Some timings make it run a little longer, but inevitably, it crashes within 5 minutes.

I would really appreciate any help or guidance!
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  1. You can try to clear CMOS (BIOS). This will make the board to redetect RAM. After that, run Memtest:
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