Hi Guys,

I've been reading around about this error, and I couldn't find the exact error as mine, so I'm gonna try here.

I just purchased a new memory module of 1GB. I have an old Gigabyte motherboard (945P-S3), with 4 memory slots. I previously had 3 modules (2GB, 1GB and 512MB), when I added the new one I got BAD POOL HEADER while booting windows 7. I thought the module isn't working, but when I moved it in the place of the old one, it worked. Long story short, I tried all the combinations and all the modules and slots are working, but only when there's only 3 modules installed. 4 modules in any combination result in said error.

Please, any advice is welcome?

PS I also noticed that I have only 3,25GB used whichever modules I install (3,5GB or 4), but I assume it has something to do with win7, graphics or sound card.

Thnak you in advance.
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  1. Do you think that if I install a 64 bit OS I would be able to use all 4 memory slots?
  2. You are trying to mix 4 different ram modules, they aren't meant to be mixed like that, surprised you didn't run into issues with just the 3 in there.

    Try setting them to all the same speed (the speed of the lowest ram stick is what you should set them all to.) and cas latency
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