How can I replace a video card from safe mode?

So, a few days ago I was watching a video and my computer froze up and vertical red lines showed up on the screen. I did a hard reboot back into windows and everything was fine until about 10 minutes later when the same thing happened. I did another hard reboot but my PC wouldn't load past the "starting windows" splash page. Now I can only access safe mode.

From what I've read, I suppose this is a graphics card problem and it seems pretty common now with older 9800gt's. What I'm unsure of is how to replace a graphics card when all I can access is safe mode. I'm also considering switching to an ATI HD5770 so I'd like to know how to manage that chipset switch from safe mode.

My PC is a stock gateway FX4710 with:

Windows 7 64bit
6gb DDR2 RAM
Intel Core 2 quad Q9300 Quad-Core
Nvidia 9800gt
Foxconn motherboard with Intel G33 chipset

Also, as a quick side question: Would an ATI radeon HD 5770 powercolor video card and an Antec BP550W powersupply work in my PC as replacement parts?

Sorry for the multi-part question,

Thank you
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  1. You go into Safe-Mode and uninstall the drivers for the GPU. Then you shut down (instead of rebooting), remove the video card, put in the new one, boot up to normal mode, and install the new drivers.

    The 5770 and Antec BP550W would work fine.
  2. :o

    Ah, now I feel like heel. I had tried to uninstall other programs from safe mode and thought that it wasn't possible. Just tried it on the display drivers and it worked.

    And thanks for helping with the new graphics card and psu choices.
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