Whats a good CPU temperature monitoring software?

Need something to watch my temperature monitoring for a AMD quad core processors. Whats a good free one to use?
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  1. Hw monitor / aida64
  2. what temp should your Processor run at?
  3. Use hwmonitor you will see all temperature your cpu, vga, motherboard, hdd
    Download in here : http://cpuid.com/softwares/hwmonitor.html
    Google translate confuse last your question !
  4. If you have an Asus MB then you most likely have a monitoring software on the install disc.
  5. Got a gigabyte board.. and a AMD II x4 phenom. Its running at 37-45 degree's Celsius. Is this bad or what it should be running?
  6. Core Temp- easy to install, logs your temps, runs minimized, has a taskbar option to show each core's temps, and shows all the required temps for the processor.

    Hwmonitor: I use this as my secondary temp monitoring tool as many people consider using two of the monitoring temps at a time, works perfect, tried on my Athlon X2, and no issues.
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