(Solved)Downgrade i7 processor?

Hi all and thank you for this great place to get and share information!
Running Linux these days is no picnic due to the Optimus power saving feature.
My Dell has the 2nd generation i7 2720QM processor with on board graphics and the Nvidia GT525 graphics card.
I have not been able to configure my Vostro 3750 to use just the Nvidia.
Can I downgrade to the 1st generation i7 720 QM which uses the pga 988 socket? This would give reasonable performance and not have the on chip graphics.

Thanks, penguin

This question is answered, thanks to all who responded. Over the weekend I removed the i7 749qm processor with the 988 socket and put it in my Vostro 3750 with the 988 socket. It does not work. Even though the sockets are the same there are differences in FSB and other differences. On monday after I'd done it I received a message on my email from the good folks at Intel saying that it wouldn't work :pt1cable:

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  1. nope, i very muc doubt you cn change a laptop cpu, ask dell as it is under support.

    But what exactly is your problem that you are trying to solve.
  2. Thanks for the reply 13thmonkey. I know the processor can be replaced because I took it apart and checked. However though they have the same socket I DON'T know if I can downgrade.

    The problem is NO Linux supports Optimus without a command line nightmare and then only partly. If I can downgrade the processor to one without the on processor graphics chip I can configure Ubuntu without a problem to use the Nvidia blob drivers and get accelerated graphics support.

  3. can you ot disable it in bios.
  4. 13thmonkey said:
    can you ot disable it in bios.

    Unfortunately dell vostro 3750 computers have no way to disable either the nvidia or the intel chips in the Bios :cry:
  5. hang on a minute, i7-2XXX are on a different socket to i7-7/9XX's aren't they? they are on desktop, so I'd assume they are on different sockets for laptops too.
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