I5 760 Lynnfield quad idles at 50~ C

I bought a host of parts a while ago and built myself a computer, a month or so later I started checking the temperatures with applications such as Speedfan and HWmonitor and to my dismay I found my i5 was hitting 90 degrees on anything from 60% to 100% usage.

I have the stock fan and a Coolermaster Gladiator case with default fans and I'm incredibly worried that I've been hitting these sort of temperatures since I got it, do you reckon the socket or CPU will have been scorched or anything?
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  1. Bump, this is kinda important. Is my system even safe to use without risking damage?
  2. I was buyign a budget PC and didn't read up, just found that on the cheap, I felt sick to my stomach when I found a 2500k for £10 quid more.

    As for thermal paste all I've done it try and re-seat the cooler, don't have any thermal paste just the stuff that comes stuck to the heatsink when you get it.
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