Edge Modem Issue

I have a edge modem....which said plug and play but it works only in win there any way to run this thing in other operating systems???need early response...please
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  1. Checking the maker's MultiModem site suggests that there is not a Win7 driver, nor even Vista which suggests they stopped developing it at XP.
  2. what am i suppose to do now????
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    What they expect you to do is buy a new one. I'd make sure you buy from a different brand that maintains support -- but those are the exception.

    To be fair, not all of these brands are big companies and the average punter chucks away routers every few years (or more often when they change ISP and get a new one free).

    I can't see hardware firms writing new drivers for legacy equipment every time MS decides to reward its shareholders by issuing a new version of Windows.
  4. Ok your response i guess better luck next time for me...hehehehehe
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