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hello guys i looking for a gpu which will let me play games like gta4 at high or very high setting my psu is diablotek 500w which is not really good. So please tell me good gpu which will let me play games at good resolution (i am not sure about resolution). My budget is not above $100 so please help me ASAP
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  1. I think your PSU should be able to handle cards that are $100 or under. This is the best card for under $100 at the moment;
    Or if you want to play it safe on that PSU there is the HD6670;
  2. Yeah, it says it has 24a which is 288w on the +12v rail. The GTS 250 uses 110w during normal gaming so it should be alright unless the rest of your system is really decked out. Or like I said if you want to play it safe go with the HD6670. It should have no problem.
  3. phenom ii x4 955
    Biostar a770e3
    4gb ddr3 1333mhz
  4. can u give me more gpus
  5. Well, for something a bit cheaper there's the HD5670;
    Or there is the HD5750;
    It's actually slightly faster than the GTS 250 but uses much less power and should have no issues on your PSU.
  6. moreee.......? but anyways thanks for helping

    and i see ppl sayin that 5670 isnt good at all for gaming is it good? for low gaming running games at high at 30+ fps
  7. The HD5670 is a good card for low resolutions. You would be able to play most games at high settings smoothly at 1280x1024 and below.
    As for other options... there's the HD6570, GT 240 and 9800GT I guess but the cards already mentioned tend to be a better value for the money.
  8. The HD 6670 just became available. It is priced at $100 and is intended to replace the HD 5670. It is slightly faster than the HD 5670; about 8% - 11% depending on the game. It also seems to use less power than the HD 5670 probably about 8w less.

    However, a HD 5670 is selling for about $80 - $85 so paying $15 - $20 more for maybe an average of 10% performance gain may or may not be worth it to you.
  9. so 5670 worth for playin games?
  10. While it's a pretty low quality unit it claims to have 288w on the +12v rail. Even if that is higher than reality you should be able to use an HD5670/6670 or any card that doesn't need an external power connector.
  11. The HD 5670 is a decent gaming card especially for $60 from the link above. When it was released it was referred to "almost a gaming card".

    The HD 5750 mentioned above is faster than the HD 6670 that I recommended, plus it is also slightly cheaper. That's the card you want to buy if you actually can spend $100. However, it does uses twice the amount of power the HD 5670 uses (29w vs 59w under typical gaming conditions).

    See following review which includes both cards.
  12. shazaib said:

    That's a pretty crappy PSU, but I suppose it can run a HD 5750. I would not overclock anything with that PSU though.
  13. Guys i just brought a 9800gt 1gb OC edition for total of $40 bucks which was just a great deal and now its running just awesome on my computer

    i dont know how to close this post if you do please close it

    thanks for your kind replies
  14. Choose a best answer from the replies and then a mod will lock the thread.
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