Screen wont turn on (already viewed sticky)

so im using a asrock extreme4

i went through the trouble shoot on the sticky still nothing

the cpu fan runs so i assume power is going through the bored but nothing shows up on the moniter tried diffrent wires and diffrent monitors,

all i have installed is the cpu fan
i7 3770
and thats all plus a hard drivee help please


also all the fans and led light on the power show
using a phantom 410 case
Board usb ports are working
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  1. Yeah id definately install this thing called RAM into your motherboard, that might help. Computers need RAM to operate.
  2. Plus you need a OS to get past the BIOS.
  3. nahh, i had 9 gig ram in, and it never booted up the bios, the board came deffected went to microcenter and got it replaced since i was within the return date, works fine now
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